The Power of my Womanhood
By Keiry Heath (2019, Stand Tall Mi Gente!) 

I’ve been thinking about how your words have held me back
from being who I really am and who I want to be.
I want you to know how much your words hurt me.
Your words made it clear that my opinions aren’t valid.
And so, I stopped expressing them.
Your words made it clear that my feelings aren’t valid.
And so, I held them in.
Your words sexualized me. I hate that you sexualize me.
It makes me want to hide my body.
At times your words destroyed my confidence.
All to belittle my power
The power of my womanhood.
That I really don’t need your validation.
I will use all your hurtful words to fuel my power
to grow and become an even stronger woman.
I will continue to flourish…
I have the power to be who I want to be
To do what I want to do
I am divine feminine energy….