By Adam Yagoub Abdelrahman (2015, tenderness)

I love you Sudan
My country of goodness
But all is being lost
In our homeland our government has tortured us
Crazy, they killed their own people
Burned and destroyed every essence with no mercy,
Slaughtering young and old
Even wild animals have mercy, but you killed your own children Why?

Is it the wealth? The money?
Why are you so arrogant?
Why did you deny us our simple life of fields and farms

You took everything from us and made our minds go crazy
Our whole nation is lost and we live like guests without a home
And then finally, you divided our country

I am not envious and I don’t deny that God blesses me
But was this written? Is this meant to happen?
You stole our resources and now you rule us
Stole all the money from our country and then built your homes in foreign lands

We used to be the breadbasket of the world
We’re known for our warmth
A welcoming land…..a fertile land…where everything grows…
Lakes of oil, uranium, gold and diamonds,
My country is wealthy
When you touch the seas….Pearls!
Gemstones on our shores, tossed everywhere

You invaded our land. Took advantage of our kindness.
If you are a person of truth, you don’t steal and run away
Tribes of corruption, betrayers, criminals and thieves
Where is your history? Where is your pride?
You came to my territory! The blame is on you

I suffered tragedies in Darfur, my country
And you Bashir, running after the throne
You are a criminal with a stone heart
And the killing continues…
There are rivers of blood

Beautiful Valley, in you I know the fruits of our earth
I am so proud of our land of kindness and Sultans
My homeland…I’ve run out of words