By Itoro Udofia (2009, Through The Eye of Bakok)

We can go and find the pieces we left along the way
Retell the story and take the things that make us tattered and torn,
tattered and worn
And suture us together again
Weave ourselves into beings that know we need mending,
Remember all the things we pushed aside
Find the hidden answers and shake the dust out
Call silenced things by their names, as we dig up our skeletons
and watch them turn human again
I’ll trace back to when we were outlined with night
And the stars lit our eyes
And the only us seen was eyes and teeth, eyes and teeth
I took one little star that lit your eyes, put it in mine, and left the rest of us out there
Us creatures of the night only allowing ourselves a mere outline,
I’ll bear witness to our brokenness
and maybe we’ll get closer to God’s reflection this way
Knowing we’re a patchwork in need of a trimming cause our edges are frayed,
Reaching the Promised Land, only to find we left pieces of our essence
along the way, I’ll ask the almighty for a needle and a thread
We are, a bunch of tiny things, in need of putting together
As we dig up our skeletons and watch them turn human again