Dad's Jambalaya

By Stickii Gadson (2012, Ripple Effect)

Place Passion, Drive and Promise into a large casserole
and turn the heat to medium high.
Add 1 heaping cup of struggle
and three quarters of a lb of hustle
Sprinkle with 4 oz of fast money and cocaine
Cook over a low flame, stirring occasionally
until your strength softens and your world begins to fall apart.
(about 10 minutes)

Warm your frozen heart with another hit in a small saucepan over medium heat.
Throw in 8 kids by 4 different women and a fast track to destruction
and whisk for 11 years
Add 2 years jail time and turn the heat down to low.
Beat for 3 years until your life begins to break up.
Mix in 1 cup of halfway house
and a tablespoon of new love.
Bring to a boil,
then turn the heat down and cook uncovered.
Add a new beginning,
generously blending in second chances until your new life is tender
and your past is just about absorbed.
It should take about 3 to 5 years.
Add in the pinch of HIV and stir.
Cook for 1 to 2 years,
raising the heat if necessary to cook off the remaining days.
Dad, close your eyes, and rest in peace……
Cause your just about ready!



Elements Recipe

By Stickii Gadson (2012, Ripple Effect)

Preheat the earth to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
In a medium sauce pan, over low flame, melt all the DREAMS of your ancestors until liquefied and golden
Carefully pour the hot liquid into a small vessel and watch the MAGIC unfold.
Dice 4lbs of CONFLICT and throw it into the FIRE
Then let CULTURE reconstruct the SPIRIT

Whisk in a pinch of CHANGE and watch CONNECTION transform war into laughter.
Soak 7 oz. of DREAMS until they absorb all the HUMOR they can hold.
Then marinade your SPIRIT in the mixture for many GENERATIONS.
Fold in 2 cups of BREATH and let your VOICE carry your story EVERYWHERE.