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Strengthening Youth Leadership

Transforms Communities



Ubuntu Arts Community brings together children, ages nine to thirteen, with high school and college mentors, and artists, in a caring community that focuses on intergenerational mentoring, leadership skills, the arts, social justice, and community engagement. Ubuntu is based at Lt. Clayre P. Sullivan School in Holyoke and is a partnership between the school, The Care Center and The Performance Project.

Ubuntu gems participate in drumming, dance, visual arts, karate, theater, music, storytelling, poetry and academic and homework support. Our time together begin sand ends with a Community Circle, which Ubuntu gems learn to facilitate.

The foundation of Ubuntu is caring relationships. We infuse our small community with kindness, listening and generosity. Our goal is for Ubuntu children to develop the confidence, initiative and courage to spread “ubuntu” within Sullivan School, their families and beyond. 

The goals of Ubuntu Arts Community are:
- For Ubuntu gems to build caring relationships with high school and college mentors
- To support Ubuntu gems to care about school and to do well in school.
- To make the arts available to the children in Holyoke
- For all members to build skills in leadership, peer mentoring and facilitating circles.

Ubuntu mentors and gems plan and host Family and Community Celebrations which are wonderful Saturday afternoon gatherings of music, dance, poetry, theater and food. Ubuntu gems, mentors and family members perform, and we also have live music by professional artists. Our Family and Community Celebrations are open to the public and always well attended! 

We believe that strengthening these skills in young people has a direct long-term impact on our communities!

WHAT IS UBUNTU? Ubuntu is a classical African philosophy. It is the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks about the fact that we cannot exist as a human being in isolation. Ubuntu is about our interconnectedness. Ubuntu says that you can't be fully human all by yourself, and when you have this quality - Ubuntu - you are known for your generosity.

Ubuntu Arts Community is a collaboration between the Teen Resource Project of The Care Center, Lt. Clayre P. Sullivan School and The  Performance Project